The NT555RII is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed with additional flexibility for the weekend drag racer. The high-grip compound and semi-racing construction provide increased traction at the starting line, while the large circumferential grooves aid wet handling on your way to the drag strip. 

Load capacity of Nitto NT555RII tires

Proper use, handling and storage of certain tires in colder climates

Features And Benefits

A Perfect Pair

The NT555RII Drag Radial Tire works in unison with the NT555 G2 Summer Ultra High Performance Tire, so you can put the drag radials on the driven axle and the NT555 G2’s on the non-driven axle. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread pattern and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles.

Competition Performance

The sidewall construction has been modified to improve launch for better 60’ times*.  

*Compared to NT05R.

Contact Patch

The large twin center ribs provide a continuous contact patch for dry traction.

Race Compound

NT555RII features race compound for increased traction at the starting line. 


Performance Ratings

Sizes And Specs

Technical specs are subject to change without notice.


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